Grants & Awards

CAL ILCE-IG Grant 2019

Thank you for your interest in applying for a grant from the CAL International Library Cultural Exchange Interest Group. There are two main goals:

  • Support individual and library partnerships and activities that enhance cultural understanding
  • Support cultural programming and activities that celebrate ethnic and immigrant cultures in Colorado

To these ends, ILCE-IG offers grants to individuals and libraries in Colorado. Its scope is global and it encourages projects that foster relationships between Colorado libraries and those of other countries; help develop and maintain libraries for the use of disadvantaged communities in foreign countries; to celebrate international cultures through cooperation with libraries in other countries; and celebrate non-dominant cultures living in Colorado.

ILCE-IG will consider grant applications from individuals and all types of libraries that are members of the Colorado Association of Libraries (CAL).   Proof of membership is required in the application.

ILCE-IG makes a limited number of grants, depending on the funds available, to individuals and libraries proposing projects that represent:

  • Collaborations between a library in Colorado and one in another country designed to increase cultural awareness, understanding, and exchange.
  • A Colorado library event designed to celebrate ethnic and immigrant cultures
  • A Colorado individual’s efforts to establish or help maintain a library in a country with underdeveloped libraries.

ILCE-IG can choose to not make any grants in any given year if the Grant Evaluation Committee determines that no grant application qualifies for a grant.

Click here for: CAL ILCE-IG Grant Guidelines and Application 2019 as a Word Document

Click here for:  CAL ILCE-IG Grant Guidelines and Application 2019 as a PDF

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